Day 1 Complete!

The first day of pre-internship felt like it was over before it even started! To start the day off, we had an assembly in the gymnasium with the entire school where we sang “O’ Canada”, heard some poetry from the grade 8 class, and listened to the morning announcements.  Following the assembly, we presented our introduction activity.  For our activity, Miss Stork and I split the class into two groups and each group had twenty facts.  They had to decide what ten facts belonged to me and what ten facts belonged to Miss Stork.  After the groups were done and had glued their answers onto their poster boards, we went over the answers and tallied the points.  The students had a lot of fun partaking in this activity.  We then asked the students to decorate a cue card with their name and a fact about themselves that they wanted to share with us.  We had each student add their card to the class poster while introducing themselves.  I felt this worked really well for learning the students names.

Our cooperating teacher gave us positive feedback on our introductory lesson and had us repeat it for her grade seven class at the end of the day.  I think the reason this activity went over so well was because it was fun and active.  All the students were able to participate without feeling like they were put on the spot.  If we were to use this activity again I would encourage the students to decorate their cue cards with pencil crayons or markers instead of just using pencil.

The rest of the day in the grade 8 classroom ran very smoothly.  We were fortunate to observe a social studies lesson, a guidance lesson, a math lesson, and partake in a circuit/core physical education lesson.  Our cooperating teacher is more than accommodating to meet our needs as pre-service teachers. She met with us at the end of the day to give us feedback and is more than willing to assist us through the semester with our lesson plans and any other questions or concerns that may arise.

IMG_3517 IMG_3516


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