Week 2 Reflection

This was the first week of teaching my own lesson to the grade 8 class at Lumsden Elementary School in the grade eight class. The subject I taught was English Language Arts and the focus was on writing. I chose an outcome that dealt with viewing, reading, and responding to texts that deal with social responsibility, self-efficacy, and building a better world. The set of my lesson plan included a Kid President video that the students found humourous, but also understood the important message that he was expressing. In simple, they began to formulate the idea that social responsibility deals with being a kinder person, and being a positive citizen that thinks about their actions. My cooperating teacher was impressed with how well I remembered the students names as well the use of Poll Everywhere that allowed the students to text in their responses to the questions.

During my development I read a book to the students that talked about being a “bucket filler”. One area I could have improved was my transition between the book and the letter poem activity. Instead of verbally explaining the activity, I would have gone over the definitions of what it means to be socially responsible, have self-efficacy, and create a better world. Then I would have provided my students with an example of a letter poem or typed up an explanation of how to create a letter poem. This was part of the feedback my cooperating teacher gave back to me.

My cooperating teacher commented on how well I circulated the room and suggested that I move some groups that were not on task when writing their poems. I think I will feel more comfortable being more authoritative each week I am in the classroom. The closing to my lesson ran fairly smoothly. I allowed students to share their poems with the class and reflected on the theme of the lesson. There was one minor incident where a student shared his work and never actually created a poem, but instead was trying to entertain the class. After hearing feedback from my cooperating teacher, I feel I handled this situation in a fairly good way.

Throughout the day, I was able to understand the dynamic of the classroom and also how our cooperating teacher keeps classroom management. I think it is important to create a positive relationship with the students where they respect me and I respect them. By doing this I think it is important to allow for chaos when work is being completed, but still maintaining authority over the class. Next week I will be co-teaching a social studies class and a physical education class.


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