Week 3 Reflection

I can’t believe another week has come and gone at Lumsden Elementary School! This week Miss Stork and co-taught a grade eight social studies lesson and a grade seven physical education lesson. Our social studies lesson was based around the push and pull factors in immigration. We started the lesson by showing a video that illustrated through sketches, the history of reason why people immigrated to Canada. It also explored reasons why people still immigrate to Canada. To expand on the idea of push and pull factors, the students were separated into groups, given a letter that illustrated a push or pull factor, as asked to create a small skit/role play to show the class. After each skit, Miss Stork and I discussed the events of the skits and whether or not they represented a push or pull factor. The students seemed to really engage in this activity and understand the concepts of push and pull.
After reflecting on this lesson one thing I would do different next time is write the expectations of the skit on the whiteboard or hand out a sheet to each of the groups. One area that we did well was explaining our expectations of the students during the rehearsals of the skits. For example, we told the students that were working in the hallway that they would be brought back into the class if they were not on task or being too loud. Co-teaching allowed us to circulate both the hallway and the classroom to make sure the students were always on task.
We learned how to be flexible during the grade seven physical education class, as we had to move the lesson outside. After we set up the mats for our game in the gymnasium, maintenance workers came in and were using a lift to work on the lights on the roof in the middle of the gym. Moving the lesson outside was challenging because we needed the lines on the gymnasium floor to teach the tactics of volleyball. However, we also learned an important lesson about being able to be flexible as a teacher. Our cooperating teacher commented on how well we “rolled with the punches” during the physical education lesson.
Overall, it was another good day at Lumsden Elementary School. Each week, we get to know the students a little better and understand the dynamics of the classroom. We played football with the students during recess, we had another school assembly, and we got to know the staff a little bit better! Next week we I will be teaching a grade eight Arts. Ed lesson.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 Reflection

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