Inquiry Project Planning

IMG_0042 IMG_0043

This is the result of our group plan for an inquiry project that was carried out by a grade eight class in Regina.  The goal of the project was for students to design and implement a way to sell crab apple jelly to give back to their community (donate the earnings to some form of charity).

We started the planning for our inquiry project with an open ended question: What are ways we can help our local community? Giving students an open ended question allows them to brainstorm ideas.  This phase is not about being right or wrong, but instead is focused on expressing all of the students’ thoughts, feelings, and ideas in order to find a starting point or narrow down what it is the students will research.

If we had more time, our group would have created a timeline in order to map out exactly what the project would look like and how it would unfold.  The benefits of an inquiry project like this is that it is cross-curricular. Some negatives about this project would be time commitment.  Finding the time for students to carry this project out would involve a lot of work outside of school hours.


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