Classroom Management

I would be naive if I said I didn’t think I would go into a classroom and establish my one rule as having respect for yourself and showing respect for others.  The blog post, “The Great Respect Deception” has altered my views on the “one rule” classroom so to speak.  I think it is valuable to understand the difference between values and rules.  The blog notes that “values explain the why of behaviour, and the rules explain the what.”  In my Educational Philosophy I talk about the importance of creating a positive environment for the students to learn in.  When I ask myself how this would be created, I now believe that their needs to be specific rules put into place for this positive environment to be created.

Establishing a positive environment in the classroom is a value, not a rule.  Therefore, I must ask myself, what rules would I put into place to ensure this value is met.  I think some of my classroom rules would be: raise your hand, do not speak when others are speaking, help others.  However, I also write in my Educational Philosophy that physical education is important for all students, both for physical health and emotional/mental health.  I believe this would be another value in my classroom, and a rule that might correspond with it would be implementing brain breaks at least once per period.

Classroom Management is crucial to building a strong classroom that fosters students’ learning and growth.  The blog, “Inner Ninja: Using ClassDojo for Classroom Management” speaks about a tool that can help keep students working productively and respectively.  Sure, this could be a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom while helping students stay on task, but I think it would need to be used cautiously.  First off, you don’t want to embarrass students with their scores, which could lead to worse behaviour in the classroom.  Also, you need to consider the age level and maturity level of the students.  I do not think this tool would work in the grade eight classroom I am pre-interning in because they would not take it seriously.  In a sense, they would act immature about it because they are too mature for it.  There are other strategies that work well with the class I pre-internship in, and I believe this tool would just cause chaos in the classroom.


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