Week 5 Reflection

It’s hard to believe we are already at week 5! Time flies when you’re in the classroom. This week I taught Health. Currently, the students are working on a unit about families (family abuse, roles in the family, family privilege, etc.). This tied in last week with my arts education lesson on white privilege. I took the concept of white privilege and linked it to the concept of family privilege. Since I knew the students understood the idea of white privilege as something that often goes unnoticed, I tied this concept to family privilege. I was pleased with the connections the students made my lesson from last week.

I began the lesson with a short game to help the students distinguish between a right and a privilege. I read a number of short statements that either represented a right or a privilege. If the student believed it was a right, they were to raise their hand. If they believed it was a privilege, they were to stand. This activity went well because it initiated a lot of talk about what makes something a right and what makes something a privilege. This discussion led into what the students believed the definition of family privilege was.

After we discussed the idea of family privilege, I read a selection to the class called, Growing Up Without Family Privilege. Coincidentally, the students had started this article the previous Health class. The article starts with a short biography of a young boy who grew up without Family Privilege. The selection then goes on to explain what family privilege is and distinguishes between those who have family privilege and those who do not.   After the reading, the students had five questions to answer independently. After discussing the questions as a class, I handed out the assignment sheet and quickly went over it before the end of the class. My cooperating teacher is going to continue on with the assignment next Health period. The students will have to write a letter to themselves, explaining why they have family privilege. You can take a look at the assignment sheet below!

All in all it was a good day. I had the chance to video the rest of the students white privilege puzzle pieces, so I am looking forward to putting the video together in the next week!



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