Week 6 Reflection

Spirit day, technology problems, and yet another lockdown drill…day six of pre-internship is complete! Today was “dress as a character from a book” day so Miss Stork and I went as Katniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games. Our costumes were a hit as most of the students referred to us by our character names all day. I was supposed to teach a social studies lesson based on immigration. More specifically, I focused on Chinese immigration to Canada during the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. I was looking forward to teaching this lesson because I was going to test out socrative. I made a socrative quiz on the push and pull factors of immigration for the set of me lesson. Miss Stork and I did a social studies lesson on this a few weeks ago and I wanted to see how much of the content the students remembered. I learned that the school does not have wifi for the students so we had to move to the computer lab. Once the students entered the room code, the quiz went well. I was gladly surprised how much the students remembered.

After the opening socrative quiz, the lesson went haywire. I had a YouTube video on Chinese immigration to British Columbia. However, the surround sound speakers would not work, so I had the students watch the videos individually on their computers. The problem with this was that the speakers barely worked so the students could hardly hear the video. After the video, I had a PowerPoint presentation. I think I was two slides into the presentation when the school went into a lockdown. Miss Stork and I have now experienced two lockdowns; one evacuation lockdown where we had to leave the school, and one in-school lockdown. The lockdown lasted about twenty minutes, which took up the rest of my lesson. So, all in all my less plan did not go as I had planned.

I think today was a perfect example of how teaching is about rolling with the punches! My cooperating teacher mentioned in my feedback how well I thought on my toes and problem solved quickly. I had to change the direction of my lesson plan multiple times today. First, there was no wifi, no speakers, and no access to YouTube for the students. In a sense, there were a lot of positives that came out of my lesson plan. Even though it was crazy, I think it was a good insight into the world of teaching!



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