Week 7 Reflection

One more week to go! Today after the morning assembly I had the chance to finish my social studies lesson from week. My PowerPoint on Chinese Immigration to Canada was cut short last week due to technology problems and a lockdown. It was interesting to see that the students knew about the Chinese Head Tax, but had not heard of the Chinese Exclusion Act. To finish the lesson, I posed the following questions to the students: Do apologies and cash payments make up for the inequalities that the Chinese-Canadians faced? If there was more time I would have had the students write a response to this question.

I also handed back the Family Privilege letters the students made today. I was impressed with some of the insights the students made in their letter. One student wrote about how people with family privilege are often invisible to it because they have been exposed to it their whole life, but those without family privilege are aware that it exists.

Today, Miss Stork and I co-taught a double mathematics lesson. The two grade eight classes at LES combine for math and are put into groups based on their cognitive level. We taught our group about sales tax. We had a PowerPoint to explain PST and GST and went over that PST is exempt from certain items. After completing a few example of how to calculate sale tax, the students partook in the “Shopping Game” that we created. Each student was given a shopping list and had to go around the room to find the item, the price, and calculate in GST and PST if applicable. The students really seemed to be engaged during this game. Our cooperating teacher even commented that she thought it was the quietest the class has ever been! Another strength of our lesson plan was that we had the students who finished early, partner up to go over their answers. This kept the students occupied.

I cannot believe we only have one more day at LES for this semester. I have grown so much over the semester and cannot have asked for a better class or cooperating teacher. I am looking forward to teaching my final lesson next week and having a potluck with the class!


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