Reflection #8

It is hard to believe that I began my field placement eight weeks ago at Lumsden Elementary School in the grade eight classroom. I was incredibly lucky to have an amazing cooperating teacher and class. My cooperating teacher was very helpful, insightful, and always provided valuable feedback to make me a better teacher and facilitator. The students were welcoming and respectful every week that we were in the classroom, whether it was during our lesson plan, or even just greeting us in the hallway. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my field placement.

Today Miss Stork and I had the opportunity to teach a physical education class to both the grade seven and grade eight class. Seeing as it was our last day at the school for the semester, we decided it would be fun to participate in the games. For the grade eight class, we played “Fitness War Ball” which the students seemed to have a lot of fun with. The object of the game was to knock over the other teams’ pins before they knock over yours. Miss Stork and I played on opposite teams, which made it quite eventful seeing as we are both fairly competitive. It was nice seeing all of the students participating and being involved. Many of the students expressed how much fun they had in the class.

For the grade seven physical education class we played a game presented by two of our colleagues, Mr. Mack and Mr. Schienbein, in our EPE class. The game was called “Pillar Ball” and the students seemed to have a lot of fun. This class has a lot of energy to burn, so it was a great game to keep them active and engaged.

Overall, the day was a perfect ending to our pre-internship. The grade eight class was kind enough to make us a potluck for lunch. The spread of food was amazing; there was everything from chicken wings, meatballs, taco salad, and a variety of desserts! It was incredible how much work the students went through to provide such a delicious lunch! The students also made cards for Miss Stork and I. It was fun reading through each of the students’ cards and seeing how much they valued the work we have done over the last eight weeks. I am going to miss coming to LES every week, but am looking forward to spending three weeks here next semester and gaining more experience.



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