My Professional Learning Project

When I was presented with the opportunity to learn anything I wanted to, my mind began to race.  To be honest, I have had colleagues of mine who have taken this class before and I expected that I would have a similar project.  Turns out I was right.  I had been thinking about what I wanted to learn over the holiday.  My mind racing with endless ideas… “I want to learn how to cook”… “I want to learn how to speak Spanish”… the possibilities were infinite, but with all the ideas I was having, I had trouble settling on what to do.  I began to think about life and my experience in internship.  I thought about something I could learn that would benefit me in the future. I thought about the influence my cooperating teacher had on me when it came to creating a balanced lifestyle. Teaching can quickly consume your life, but you have to find a way to find a balance.  My cooperating teacher always made time to exercise on daily basis and encouraged me to do the same.  If she had the time with two, young children that were always on the go, so did I.  Exercise has a lot of benefits, and although I would consider myself fairly active…I have never been one to go to the gym.

For my learning project I am focusing on how to use the gym.  You might laugh at this idea, but it is something that I have wanted to do since starting university.  Growing up in a small town, I never had access or exposure to a gym. Whether it was hockey, volleyball, badminton, or track and field, I was constantly playing sports. I was always active and to this day I would still consider myself to be fairly active.  I love running outside both in the summer and winter. The past two years I have participated in the Queen City Half Marathon. I enjoy playing recreational sports with my friends through both the university and the city, and over the past couple years I have done various at home workouts.

I believe it is important to stay active, but I have never been one to go to the gym regularly. I am not saying I have never stepped foot in a gym before, but every time I do it is usually to run on a treadmill or lift a few weights, not exactly sure of what I am doing.  I think the reason I have never become a frequent gym goer is simply because I have limited knowledge of what to do once I enter the doors.  The gym can also be a very intimidating place.  I think most people can relate to me when I say that it is an uncomfortable feeling when you do not exactly know what you are doing.  You begin to think about what other people might be thinking of you and you feel “stupid”.  I know this is something that I will have to learn to get over during this learning project.

I will feel vulnerable at times throughout this learning project. I am not one that likes posting about my personal life on social media. I know there is going to be struggles throughout this project, but learning how to use the gym is something I am passionate about. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is something that I prioritize, and what better time to learn about the gym than in my final semester of university.


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