Week 1: And So It Begins…

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you have not been taught how to use it.  I have worked as a lifeguard for the YMCA for over a year now and find it funny that I have rarely used my membership for the gym.  This week, I was committed to going to the gym to familiarize myself with the layout. I learned where the workout equipment was located and learned that there are four sections: the cardio machines, the strength training machines, the free weight area, and an upstairs studio. I spent most of the week using the treadmill because that is where I am most comfortable. I tried a couple of the machines that worked on upper body. I was happy to learn that the machines had pictures on them to explain how to use the machines.  Something I am looking forward to learning more about is sets and reps to understand how long to spend on a machine.

If I am being completely honest, there were moments this week that I felt uncomfortable having to read the machine before using them, but I found this website that really helped me to put things into perspective. Something that really stood out to me when reading this blog is this, “the most important lesson I had to learn while training in a gym: nobody actually cares about you.”  After spending a few days in the gym this week, I am starting to believe this is true. I thought everyone would be staring at me reading the instructions on the equipment, but when I looked around, nobody even knew what I was doing because they are focused on what their own workout.  This is something that I think I will have to continually remind myself throughout this project.

To understand exactly what I will be focusing on throughout my learning project, take a look at my schedule below.  I have decided to take a week or two learning about how to work different muscle groups, how to use different equipment, or looking at specific types of workouts. For the next couple of weeks I will be focusing on cardio.  I am still in the process of seeking out information online as to what exactly to try, but below I have listed a few ideas that I will be looking at:

  • Looking closer at the programs on the treadmill
  • Learning how to use an elliptical machine (as embarrassing as this is to admit, I have never used an elliptical)
  • Learning about spinning (indoor cycling)

Learning Project Schedule


One thought on “Week 1: And So It Begins…

  1. What a great learning project. The gym is a very scary place for the first while, but once you get more comfortable it will be your best friend, so keep it up. The YMCA East gym is where I work out too and it is such a nice facility.

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