Why Blog?

Blogging is not new for me. In fact, I have had a blog for over a year now, but I would be lying if I said I have been using it consistently.  I first began blogging in my second year of university for one of my ECS classes. The purpose of my blog at that time was solely for the class. I was once again introduced to my blog in my ECS 301 class. At this time I began to see my blog in a more purposeful way. It was a space for me to personally reflect on my pre-internship in a supportive environment.  A space where I could talk about my strengths, my weaknesses, and the problems I was facing in the classroom and gain meaningful feedback from my peers.  I think it was the first time I began to see the growth of my PLN.  Although small, it was reassuring to hear about my colleagues’ personal triumphs and disappointments taking place in the classroom.

Since then, I would consider myself a binge blogger.  Learning to use my blog as an e-portfolio has allowed me to create a space to showcase the work I have done in the classroom through pre-internship and internship.  It has also allowed me to reflect on the experiences I have had.  Although I did not consistently blog throughout my internship, I did find some time to reflect on my blog.

To be completely honest, blogging is not something that comes natural for me. At times I find it uncomfortable to share my experiences with others on the Internet.  I am not one who posts or shares a lot on social media.  I am the type of person that would rather sit and have a cup of coffee with a friend to hear about their latest adventure or simply catch up as opposed to read it off the screen.  Therefore, I was a little skeptical of having to fire up my blog again for ECMP 355.

After reading some other students’ posts and doing a lot of reading about blogging on the Internet, I found this article that discusses the personal benefits of blogging. A lot of the articles you find about blogging online are focused on the benefits of growing a business. The reason I preferred this article is because it allowed me to see blogging in a new perspective.  I think in the past I have always blogged for others. I always thought about what the people reading my blog (if any) wanted to hear.  This article, however, is inspiring me to think about myself when I blog.  It discusses how blogging can allow you to become more confident, it can be a platform for a personal journey, and as a result it will make you more comfortable as you continue to grow your digital identity and PLN.

So as I sit here and look at blogging in a new way…I am excited and still a little nervous for my personal journey through ECMP 355.


3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I definitely feel the same way about the ‘binge blogging’ and I know it would benefit us to keep it consistent. One part of blogging I never really thought about was the confidence aspect you talked about and as I think about it now, I definitely agree! Do you have a link to the article you found, I’d love to check it out!
    Twitter @kaylaonu

  2. Great post! It’s cool to see how your blog (and views about blogging) have changed over time. I remember being so apprehensive to even write one post in ECS 210, and now it feels much more natural. I love your thoughts on blogging being a personal journey. Sometimes I feel like my posts lack personality or insight, because I basically write them like I would write an essay or other school assignment. Your post has inspired me to start seeing my blog as a more personal space.

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