Blogging 101: How to Follow Blogs

As a teacher, you have to constantly be finding ways to stay current. This can be difficult in a time where technology is constantly changing. This week in ECMP 355, we learned about tools that allow us to follow blogs and other sources. As an added bonus, we were introduced to Google Extensions, something I wish I were aware of when I began university.   I chose to use feedly to follow various educational blogs. Although I have only been following blogs for a few days, I have come to the conclusion that there is a number of ways you can find blogs to follow. My advice would be to start slow. Don’t just follow a blog or other source just for the sake of it. I would suggest that you take the time to scan the blog, read an article or two, and identify what the purpose of the blog is.

I began following blogs that were suggested by my ECMP 355 professor. Fortunately, I knew these blogs were valid and related to educational purposes. However, I did not just follow every single blog that was on the suggested lists. What would be the purpose of that? First I identified what my interests are and what I want to learn more about. I decided that it would benefit me the most to follow blogs that provide information about using technology in the classroom, blogs about differentiation and meeting the learning needs of all students, and blogs about everyday classroom practices (lesson planning, ideas, and specific subject content). I highly recommend taking the time to figure out what blogs will benefit you as opposed to aimlessly following a ton of blogs without knowing their purpose.

Besides following a few of the blogs suggested in my ECMP 355 class, I also discovered that feedly provides related feeds based on the ones I am already following. I found a few blogs that sparked my interest by using this feature. I also simply used Google to extend my search by using key words that pertained to the type of blogs and sources I was looking for. By doing so I was connected to, The Tech Savvy Educator, and the Cool Cat Teacher Blog. I also used Twitter as a means to find educational related blogs. I noticed what other students in ECMP 355 were tweeting about and found my way to We Are Teachers. The Internet is an amazing resource and if you are willing to put in a bit of your time, it does not take long to find some meaningful and valuable resources.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.52.37 PM

The picture above is a screenshot of my feedly home page.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: How to Follow Blogs

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