Why Plan for Physical Education?

Throughout my exploration of finding education blogs and other sources to follow, there is one in particular that I would like to share. The name of this website and blog is PhysicalEducator.com. You don’t need to plan for physical education right? WRONG! I think it is a huge misconception that people believe Physical Education is the easiest class to teach. They believe you can just have the students run around and play games. Sure, playing games is an essential component in Physical Education. However, the games need to be purposeful, have essential learning components, and be aligned with the curriculum. I am not a Physical Education major and during internship, I found it to be one of the most challenging subjects to plan for.

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The PhysicalEducator.com is a great resource for teachers that have to teach physical education. The site itself is organized into categories that can easily be followed. The reason I found this site to be so beneficial is because it provides resources that can be aligned to the Saskatchewan curriculum. For those of you that do not know, the physical education curriculum is organized into games described as: invasion, net and wall, striking and fielding, and target. This resource is categorized in the same way and provides lessons that are clearly explained and include illustrations for further comprehension. The blog itself provides ideas for backwards lesson planning, includes apps that the creators use in their own physical education classes, and is linked to Twitter (@phys_educator). I would highly suggest following this blog on your feedly and one of the creators @JoeyFeith.

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Joey Feith is one of the creators of ThePhysicalEducator.com. He posts vlogs frequently that you can find through his Twitter account. These vlogs follow his personal journey through teaching physical education and he talks about the professional developments that he attends. I would argue that this is a form of technological collaboration. Although you are not meeting face to face, you can take a lot away from Feith’s website and his vlogs.

If you are interested in making your physical education classes meaningful and innovative this is an essential resource is for you.

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