Do You Even Lift?

Do you even lift? I’m sure you have all heard this at one time or another. Maybe it was a humorous meme intending to question someone’s legitimacy of lifting weights. On a more serious note, I think the average person can relate to that statement. Although it is a misconception that you have to have huge muscles to even venture into the free weights section of the gym, it is a valid thought for sure. Free weights can seem intimidating, but are crucial to a balanced gym routine. I have learned that the intimidation factor is two fold. It is party due to the fact that you think people are continually watching and making judgments (which I have learned is entirely in your head). More commonly, the intimidation is due to a lack of knowledge. What do I do with free weights? A question I can relate to.

To be completely honest, this week has been a struggle to get to the gym. School seems to be getting busier, and I only was able to get to the gym a few times this week. I used a few articles and YouTube videos to assist me with my research of using free weights. Although this first video is extremely disinteresting, it does provide valuable information for different dumbbell exercises and focuses largely on the correct form, which is essential when using free weights.

The next video is great for beginners. It took me awhile to find this video, but after sifting through what seemed to be endless videos, I eventually found this resource that demonstrates a free weight workout for beginners. I particularly like this video because it did not require a lot of equipment and was easy to understand for someone that is not experienced with free weights. This week I had the opportunity to test out this beginner free weight workout at the gym. I found that since I had a plan, I didn’t feel intimidated using the free weights.

It doesn’t matter how big your arms, what size of weights you are lifting. What matters is having a plan and the Internet is a great resource for providing beginner, intermediate, and advances training. I have also been following different fitness profiles on Twitter and have been learning some interesting facts.

Interesting Fact of the Week: Working out for long periods of time is not more beneficial; it can actually start to deteriorate your muscles. Instead, focus on shorter workouts (30-60 minutes) that target a particular area.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Even Lift?

  1. Hey Ryan, very interesting post. I completely agree. I am always a bit hesitant to head out to the weight-room side of the gym. It usually is inundated with muscly males. My sister is on the track team and so lately I have been venturing to the “other” side with her. Honestly it has not been as scary as I thought. Good healthy choice for a learning project. Excited to learn more random exercise facts from you!!

  2. Great post, Ryan. My biggest worry at the gym is that people are watching and judging me because I am inexperienced. My worry leads to me avoiding the weight lifting section at all costs. However, I am starting to realize that the judgement is all in my head. Besides, even if I were being judged based on my inexperience, how am I ever supposed to gain experience without putting my worries aside?

    I agree that going to the gym is easier with a plan. I find that if I don’t have a plan, I spend more time trying to decide what to do than I do working out! Have you ever tried While there are no workout videos, the site allows you to either download and print premade workout plans, or create your own in the custom workout builder. I like that the custom workout builder allows you to choose the body parts that you want to focus on, as well as the equipment that you have available. It’s helped me feel more focused and allows me to utilize my gym time more efficiently!

    • I think you speak for many new gym goers. We need to learn to think less about what others might think of us and focus on what is important to us. In this case, it would be working towards a healthier lifestyle. I have never heard of I am definitely going to check it out and I think it would be a great asset to my major learning project. Thank you for the resource.

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