When Can I Walk Again?

Do you ever wonder why you always feel your muscle soreness two, three, or even four days after working out that muscle group? It is called “delayed onset muscle soreness” also referred to as DOMS. According to the Huffington Post, “DOMS usually sets in one to three days after your tough workout, but it may persist for up to 10.” It is usually a combination of lactic acid and damage to muscles. For me, it is a lot of pain every time I have to use my legs and it always seems to affect my lower body more than my upper body. Why is that?

This week was focused on the lower body. The first machine that I learned about was the rowing machine. I have found that this machine has become a great way to begin my training sessions at the gym because it is a great form of cardio and works my lower body.

Watching my form in this video has made me more aware of the proper technique and the things I need to work on.

Here is a look at the machines and exercises that I focused on for my lower body workouts.

  1. The Leg Press: this machine exercises the gluteus and more specifically the front and back of the thighs. The first step is to select the appropriate weight and then adjust the seat according to your height. You want your feet in a central position. Something I learned about using this machine is to avoid looking at your knees. Why? I am not sure, but that is what I was told by a frequent gym goer.
  2. Lunges: although I am familiar with lunges this week I learned a few variations. Throughout some circuit training, I used burpee lunges and weighted kettle bell lunges (AHHH!).
  3. Squats: I decided that I wanted to learn the different variations of squats and once again, Men’s Fitness came to the rescue.

Tip of the Week: You don’t need a lot of equipment to work your lower body. Your own body weight can be your greatest mechanism! HINT: there are a million kinds of adaptations that can be made to lunges.


2 thoughts on “When Can I Walk Again?

  1. Great job on the lower body workout! For me – it is the worst part of working out! I know a lot of people tend to skip leg day haha. Rowing is great because you are not just working one isolated muscle group and as you said it is a great way to get your cardio in!! Keep up the good work!

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