Upper Body Workout

I just got back from the gym and thought no better time to reflect on my learning project than now. I am going to keep this week short and sweet. Now that I have had the chance to learn about free weights and machines, I wanted to be able to take my knowledge and construct an effective upper body workout. Thanks to Ashton, I used workoutlabs.com to access pre-made and customizable workouts. I began the week trying a pre-made workout and then moved on to creating my own customizable workout. You can check out both workouts below.

  1. Arm & Shoulders Gym Workout (Arms and Shoulder Gym Workout)
  2. Upper Body Workout (Customized Upper Body Workout)

I completed the pre-made workout once and the customized workout twice with a rest day or cardio day between each workout. Yesterday I ran outside because it was so beautiful and couldn’t resist, even though it was scheduled as a rest day! I also spent this week focusing on my abs and core, which is an essential area to work when focusing on upper body. I began to question how often you should be working out a particular muscle group. In short, there is no specific answer to this question, but this Livestrong article describes the four basic types of workouts and how often you should be focusing on that target area in a week. Like I said, I will keep this weeks post, short and sweet. I will end by saying that this is the first week I have not had a self conscience moment in the gym. It just feels comfortable now (even when I don’t exactly know what I am doing).

Tip of the Week: When working on the upper body, vary the areas you are working within your weekly gym schedule. For example, focus on the shoulders, biceps, triceps one day and then focus on your back and abs.


6 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout

    • I really liked the website Ashton. I wish there were more free workouts! I felt like I was getting too routined at the gym and this website allowed me to try new upper body workouts and work new muscle groups. Thanks again!

  1. I’ve never seen this website before but it looks like a good idea for staying on track if you are trying to stick to a particular workout routine. I also like the customizable workout calendar. Do you think you would use this in the future? I think I would use this to make sure I am sticking to specific workouts because I find I get bored easily and I am constantly switching what I choose to do for exercise.

    • I never used the calendar, but I think it would be very beneficial to stay on track as that seems to be the most challenging part about using the gym. I will definitely use the customizable workouts in the future because as I said above, I find I get too routined at the gym and forget to work certain muscle groups.

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