Internship Lessons

I was fortunate enough to teach most subject areas during my internship at Lumsden Elementary School. You can check out below to see some of the thing I did in the classroom.


My math classes were focused around math stations. Not every students learns the same way. The objective of the math stations was to teach toward the same outcome, through different methods. The stations included:

  • Real Life Math Problems
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Math Makes Sense Textbook
  • Math Talks
  • Interactive Math (SmartBoard)

Here is a picture of the Real Life Math station when teaching about discounts and sales tax. IMG_3746


This assignment was included in my Interactions and Interdependence Unit. The students were learning about Canada as a mosaic. The students had to choose a culture that is part of Canada, research, and create a piece of the flag to represent that culture. In the end we created a flag that resembles Canada as the multicultural nation that it is. You can check out my Twitter (@ryan_education) to see the video of the students creating the flag.



Students need to feel involved in their learning; they need to be given choice to become engaged and they need to be allowed to be creative.  During the PAA Construction unit, the students were given the task to build something using only hand tools (no power tools). They had to show evidence of the design phase, explain any problems they faced and the solution, and present their final pieces. Below is some of the work the students created.

The project on the left is a puppet stage. The students presented their project through a puppet show and they donated the final project to the preschool classroom. The project on the left is a treehouse. The students used recycled material for the majority of this project and were able to illustrate their creativity. It is amazing what students can create when given the freedom and opportunity.