Grade 8 Unit Plans


Unit: Dynamic Relationships

During my internship, I taught Grade 8 Social Studies the entire time I was there.  Thinking back to my schooling from K-12 I remember Social Studies being a subject that I enjoyed some years and disliked other years. I thought about the years I liked Social Studies and why I enjoyed it so much.  There were two words that I came up with: relevance and interactive. The years I disliked Social Studies were the years that I was made to sit in a desk, read the provided textbook, and answer the chapter questions. What was I retaining? Pretty much nothing. I was more worried about finding the answers as quickly as possible so I did not have to take it for homework. I sometimes wonder if I even read the textbook.  Now I am not saying that the provided textbooks are not useful. I used them throughout my internship for Social Studies and I would argue that they are closely aligned to the current curriculum. I am simply saying that the textbook is a resource, NOT the only means of teaching Social Studies. Below is the unit plan I created for the Dynamic Relationships strand in the Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum.  I was lucky enough to co-plan with the other Grade 8 teacher at Lumsden Elementary School to create this unit plan.  I would like to mention that co-planning is crucial to teaching.  Probably one of the most valuable lessons I learned during internship is that talking to other professionals to collaborate can help create meaningful and engaging lessons. There is an irony in teaching. As a teacher you are surrounded by students all day, but it can be a lonely profession when you get caught up in your own little “world”. I was lucky enough to co-plan with some amazing teachers for Social Studies and English Language Arts. I should mention that the unit plan attached is in its original form. There were adaptations made along the way, lessons that were removed, and lessons that were added. During internship, I led the Blanket Exercise with both Grade 8 classes and it fit perfectly with this unit. Please comment if you have any questions.

Dynamic Relationships Unit Plan

The Blanket Exercise


Unit: Exploring Social Justice in Drama

In this mini drama unit, students explore the perspectives of different social justice issues. The unit begins with simple drama games so students can become comfortable in the environment. Students explore drama in terms of levels, characterization, and body language. Furthermore, students will begin to examine social inequalities in both the past and present and start to develop the feelings and roles associated with various social justice issues. The students complete the unit with a group tableau assignment that is focused on social justice issues.

Arts Education Drama Unit Plan


Unit: TGfU (Teaching Games for Understanding)

This unit uses games to teach students the foundations of strategies and the execution of movement skills.  Through game based learning, students explore offensive and defensive strategies, as well as striking and fielding techniques.

TgFU Unit Plan