Lesson Plans

The following are the lessons I have taught in my pre-internship in the grade 8 classroom at Lumsden Elementary School.

English Language Arts 8

Lesson Plan: CC 8.1 – E.L.A Writing Lesson

Social Studies 8

Lesson Plan: IN 8.2 – Push and Pull Factors of Immigration

Handouts: Immigration Letters

Target Sheet - Week 3 (back) Target Sheet - Week 3 (front)

Lesson Plan: IN 8.2 – Chinese Immigration to Canada

PowerPoint: Chinese Immigration to Canada

Target Sheet - Week 6 (front) Target Sheet - Week 6 (back)

Arts Education 8

Lesson Plan: CR 8.2 Lesson Plan

Handouts: Macklemore Lyrics Puzzle Piece White Privilege-Connecting the Dots

Target Sheet - Week 4 (back) Target Sheet - Week 4 (front)

Health Education 8

Lesson Plan: Family Privilege Lesson Plan

Handouts: Growing Up Without Family Privilege – John R Growing Up Without Family Privilege Selection

Target Sheet - Wek 5 (front) Target Sheet - Week 5 (back)

Mathematics 8

Lesson Plan: N8.2 – Sales Tax

PowerPoint: 5.4 – Sales Tax and Discount

Handouts: Shopping List #1 Shopping List #2 Shopping List Items

Target Sheet - Week 7 (back) Target Sheet - Week 7 (front)

Physical Education 7

PE 7.8 – Volleyball TGFU Lesson Plan


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