Introductory Letter

My name is Ryan McKillop, and I am a third-year BEd. student at the University of Regina.  I grew up in a small town where I was an active member of my school and community.  I participated in a variety of sports, including hockey, volleyball, badminton, cross country, and track.  I was also a member of the School Community Council and the Student Representative Council, where I was the President in my grade twelve year.

For the past few summers, I have had the opportunity to teach swimming lessons and run a Kids and Crafts program in my hometown.  I am looking forward to taking the skills I have learned and utilizing them in the classroom.  I am also hoping to learn new skills to help me with classroom management.  Although I am nervous about entering the classroom, I am confident my past experiences will help me be successful.  I look forward to having the opportunity to build on my prior knowledge, and to carry the skills I learn into my future classroom.

This past May and June I had the chance to work as an Educational Assistant in my former school.  As a university student studying Middle Years Education, I was fortunate enough to work mainly with students in the grade seven and eight class.  I plan on using the knowledge and skills I learned as an EA and carrying it forward with me as a teacher.  During my time as an EA, I came to understand the importance of teaching to different types of learners.  I believe every student has the potential to learn if we, as educators, give them the chance.

I am grateful you are allowing me into your classroom to share your knowledge with me.  I look forward to learning as much from you as I will from the students.  I am hopeful I can help make the classroom a fun and positive environment and assist in any way possible.  Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to extend my knowledge as a future educator, and I look forward to meeting you.

Ryan McKillop


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